Maharishi Vedic Leadership Forum – Consciousness-based Environmental Relationships 
March 7th - March 18, 2020 | Bagus Agro Pelaga | Bali, Indonesia


About the Location

This Advanced Course is offered at the lush and peaceful Bagus Agro Pelaga hotel in Bali, where 13,000 students practice TM and 1000 practice Yogic Flying every day. The eco-luxury resort, situated on higher mountains, has 18-hectares of an organic farm, which produces nourishing food served on the course. Discover more about the Bali

peace project and the hotel here


Daily Schedule

Each day generally follows this schedule:

  • extended morning program

  • morning knowledge session

  • lunch with walk and talk

  • afternoon knowledge session

  • extended afternoon program

  • delicious organic vegetarian dinner

  • & evening walk and talk 

  • evening knowledge session


Adventure Days

Three Adventure Days are planned for the group to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of the environment and visit some of the most gorgeous scenes Bali has to offer.



Depending on your preference you can stay in a luxury villa, shared or a private room. This location has designated flying halls and will offer organic, vegetarian meals and amazing company. 


Course Fee includes: 11 nights accomodation, all meals and outdoor activities



Shared: USD$899

Single: USD$1299 


Shared: USD$1750 

Single: USD$2250 


*Scholarships are available 

*A discount of 40% is available for full-time TM teachers and full-time MUM students


Course Leaders

Drs. John and Sara Konhaus, who have directed the MVLF, held over the past three summers, will conduct this course on understanding and experiencing holistic systems as the basis of promoting desired changes in our social and natural environment.


Detailed Course Description Available here >


Dress Code

Business casual clothing that is relaxed but dignified is appropriate during group meals and knowledge sessions. Please do not wear jeans or t-shirts. However, please note the weather varies from warm to hot during this time of year, so bring light, comfortable clothing for flying. More information will be shared later regarding what to bring for Adventure Days. 


Arrival/Departure Information 

Arrival Day: March 7th with the first group meeting at 8 pm (20:00)

Departure Day: March 18th check out of the facility


Want more information?


Raja Konhaus held a webinar to give you a better idea of what to expect during this course. 

Watch webinar replay.


The password to view the webinar is: mvlf

NOTE: Travel info, what to bring, and more practical details will be shared with applicants.

Advanced Course

Bali, Indonesia

This course is hosted by Maharishi Vedic Leadership Forum (MVLF)

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