Table of Contents
1. Core Course > Vedic Leadership Training – Leading from the Field of Unity

2. Advanced Course > Consciousness-based Environmental Relationships: Understanding and Experiencing Holistic Systems as the Basis of Promoting Desired Changes in our Social and Natural Environment



1. Core Course:
Vedic Leadership Training - Leading from the Field of Unity


This unique course, recorded and presented exclusively by Maharishi, reveals his Vedic approach to leadership and governing in unprecedented depth and clarity. It illuminates the role of consciousness in creating successful leaders and presents practical knowledge and Consciousness-based programs for connecting the individual mind with the cosmic mind, individual physiology with cosmic physiology, and individual life with cosmic life.


The course structure will include Maharishi’s lectures, long program, question and answer sessions, and listening to recordings of Vedic recitations, whose sounds Maharishi describes as ‘passwords’ to connect individual life with cosmic life. Whether leading a household or a nation, this is an ideal course for all those who aspire to lead from the field of consciousness.

The Core Course is a prerequisite for the MVLF Advanced Courses. Read a detailed description of the Core Course


2. Advanced Course:


Consciousness-based Environmental Relationships


Understanding and Experiencing Holistic Systems as the Basis of Promoting Desired Changes in our Social and Natural Environment


After completing the Core Course, Advanced Course participants will listen to the next section of tapes from Maharishi on Vedic Leadership.  

This course focuses on understanding and experiencing Consciousness-based environmental relationships—how to relate to and manage our social and natural environment from the field of Unity. Maharishi’s approach of culturing higher states of consciousness as a basis for improving our social and natural environment results in more Support of Nature, more life-supporting relationships at every level, and a more profound ability to create sustainable interactions with Nature, because our action comes to be spontaneously in agreement with Nature’s structure and processes.

Read detailed description of the Advanced Course.



This course is hosted by Maharishi Vedic Leadership Forum (MVLF)

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