Advanced Course Descriptions

Advance Phase: Consciousness-Based Environmental Relationships


Understanding and Experiencing Holistic Systems as the Basis of Promoting Desired Changes in our Social and Natural Environment


The Maharishi Vedic Leadership Forum, Sequential Unfoldment 


Phase I of the Maharishi Vedic Leadership Forum presents the core, foundational knowledge of Maharishi's Vedic Leadership Programme: Leading from the Field of Unity. Maharishi lays out the deepest and most fundamental understanding and experience of Unity Consciousness as the foundation for all leadership. This knowledge is the foundation for the future evolution of the annual Maharishi Vedic Leadership Forum. Phase I is a prerequisite for participation in all future advanced forums.


Following up and further developing the core knowledge of Phase I, the Advanced Vedic Leadership Program will review and deepen participants’ understanding of Maharishi's fundamentals of leadership by continuing this special series of Maharishi's lectures on leadership, and then, each year, by applying these fundamentals to specific leadership applications that are essential for every leader to understand and master.


Phase II or Year II, Maharishi Vedic Leadership Forum

Phase II or Year II of the program is dedicated to understanding and

experiencing Consciousness-Based Environmental Relationships—how to relate to and manage our social and natural environment from the field of Unity.


These are key issues in today’s world that, as much or more than any other factor, will determine our future.

Growth of God Consciousness and Unity Consciousness forms the basis of creating life-supporting relationships with the environment, and the experience of these sates is the primary tool for promoting desired changes in this sphere of leadership.


This second Phase of the Forum places our consciousness, feelings, and perceptions in full agreement with the culturing intelligence of Total Natural Law, creating an intimate and personal relationship with the environment, and allowing us to lead with full assurance that the infinite intelligence of Natural Law is behind every decision and action that we take.

The core emphasis is on experiencing the holistic, unified expression of consciousness as both the inner and outer Self, and connecting the two values into one holistic management style. This Phase is the knowledge of unity and wholeness at every level of life, knowledge which is vital to this specific application of Vedic leadership.

The practical application of this quality relationship with the environment is more support of nature, more profound social and environmental relationships, and a more profound ability to create sustainable interactions with nature by understanding its structure and processes.

This course is a unique study of consciousness and its manifestation in, and as, the environment. Participants become immersed in nature's web of life, and learn to see how holistic intelligence guides and directs the activity of all the parts of any system. Knowledge gained can be transforming to our health, our development of consciousness, and to the purification and balancing of our environment. It is a foundational course for anyone who wants to enrich their leadership through a greater intimacy with the natural world.

The knowledge in the course comes from the Vedic Tradition. The ancient seers heard it from Nature itself, as Nature whispered its own story, described its own life. It is a story of the unity of man and nature from their common source in consciousness.


This course is hosted by Maharishi Vedic Leadership Forum (MVLF)

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