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The Vedic Land of Bali, Pulau Dewata, the Island of the Gods, has the most inspiring story of Consciousness-Based Education for World Peace. Every day over 13,000 students and teachers at more than 50 schools across the island practice TM. And more than 1,000 Yogic Flyers and thousands more rising Sidhas currently in training, are creating an environment lively with Devata Consciousness improving the quality of life in Bali and creating an influence of unity in the collective consciousness for the world. 

The beautiful, serene and natural land of Bali welcomes you, the Vedic Leaders of the Global Country of World Peace, to join this divine Vedic land and experience the ultimate Nature of life in Unity Consciousness, absolute Bliss consciousness. 

Bagus Agro Pelaga Bali (hotel name) 

More than 17 hectares of the land are used strictly for organic farming providing a variety of healthy and organic foods, such as fruits and vegetables, for you to enjoy during your stay. 

Whether you are in the superior farm room, country-style deluxe farm room or luxury farm villas you will be in total bliss! The luxury eco-resort has several swimming pools and walking trails to keep the field of Unity Consciousness rise in waves of bliss! 

Situated at 950 meters above sea level, you will enjoy the fresh mountain air and magnificent panoramic views of the volcano mountains. Experience Leading from the Field of Unity with the Supreme Total Knowledge of Devata Consciousness and look out to a magnificent fusion of traditional “Tri Hita Karana” at the MVLF in Bali in 2020. 

Nestled in 18 hectares of lush nature in central Bali, this eco-friendly property nurtures and supports the natural offerings of the land and environment while maintaining the lavish experience you deserve. 

The inspiration of this property comes from an ancient Balinese philosophy “Tri Hita Karana”, meaning harmony with People, harmony with God and harmony with Nature!

"When the light comes, darkness cannot remain. When coherence rises in national consciousness conflicting thoughts and problems and difficulties and sickness and all that is anti-life will simply disappear. Life will glow on its own level - bliss consciousness."


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 15 March 2006

This course is hosted by Maharishi Vedic Leadership Forum (MVLF)

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