Core Course Description

Maharishi's Vedic Leadership Program:

Leading from the Field of Unity

Offering Maharishi's Consciousness-Based Technologies for Living Unity Consciousness and Creating World Peace

Course by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

This unique course on the science and art of supreme leadership, recorded and presented exclusively by Maharishi, is unprecedented in its depth and clarity of understanding of the Vedic, or consciousness-based, approach to leadership and governing. Maharishi's lectures focus on the knowledge and experience of Unity consciousness as the source and control point of all our actions and present practical knowledge and consciousness-based programs for connecting individual mind with cosmic mind, individual physiology with cosmic physiology, individual life with cosmic life.

Throughout the lectures, Maharishi describes in full detail how consciousness operates in order to generate creation, and through his amazing teaching procedures, guides all the participants into the experience of those mechanics.

The deep Vedic understandings in the course are continually and practically linked to Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam's in-depth research on Veda in Human Physiology. Maharaja locates the cosmic administrators, the Devata, as having their individual manifestation within the physiology of everyone. This allows for a connection of the individual value of the Devata with its cosmic counterpart.

Maharishi describes Unity consciousness as living the totality of creation in its full range from point to infinity, from silence to dynamism and back again.

Taking participants over and over through these profound mechanics enlivens a true and meaningful depth of experience and understanding in the participant's consciousness such that he begin to experience the knowledge as Maharishi presents it.


Some of the main topics covered in the course are:


  • Identifying the Supreme Level of Leadership within the Awareness of the Individual

  • The Role of Consciousness in Creating Successful Leaders

  • The Art of Leadership—Connecting Individual Life with Cosmic Life--the Individual is Cosmic

  • Structuring the Quality of Supreme Leadership: Silence and Dynamism, Analysis and Synthesis in One Unified Awareness

  • The Mechanics of Maharishi Yagya—the Technology for Putting Knowledge into Action to Fulfill Desires and Create World Peace

  • Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam's Research on Veda and the Vedic Literature in Human Physiology 

  • Vedic Devata, the Creative Impulses of Cosmic Life—Linking Individual Physiology with Cosmic Physiology

  • The Marvel of the Sanskrit Language, Expressing the Unexpressed

  • Vedic Recitation: the "Password"; to Link Our Individual Intelligence with the Greater Intelligence of Natural Law

  • The Importance of Creating Large Groups of Vedic Pandits in India and in all Countries around the World

  • The Global Country of World Peace: Promoting the Evolution of Every Nation to Create Global Unity


This course is for anyone in any area of leadership, whether leading a nation or a household, or one's own life! It will include long program, question and answer sessions, and listening to recordings of Vedic recitations, which Maharishi describes as the "passwords" to connect the individual with cosmic life. Interspersed with this profound knowledge and experience, there are several outdoor adventures to help integrate what has been learned in the forum, and promote the awareness of the role that a healthy vital physiology plays in developing leadership.

This is knowledge that will remain with you for the rest of your life, maturing as you mature in your growth of consciousness. It is a rare and precious opportunity to hear the greatest teacher of all time, Maharishi, explain in detail how to manage your own life and the world around you.

Prerequisite: Basic familiarity with Maharishi Vedic Science and Maharaja's book, Human Physiology: Expression of the Veda and Vedic Literature.

Proficiency in English to the point of understanding Maharishi's tapes.

Longer courses develop a powerful momentum of growth towards higher consciousness, deepening both knowledge and experience.  Whenever possible, it is ideal to take Phase I and Phase II together, thus providing an opportunity for an extended period of refined experiences.   It has been truthfully said of longer courses, "one day at the end is worth 10 at the beginning.”


This course is hosted by Maharishi Vedic Leadership Forum (MVLF)

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